New Brake Master Cylinder

The original brake master cylinder fitted to the car in 1994 was still working well but after 27 years it is due for replacement. I was...

New brake hoses

New brake hoses to replace the original factory steel pipes

Bonnet catches restored

New bonnet catches are no longer available so the original parts were stripped, blasted and zinc plated. Then reassembled with new springs

New aluminium parts

Original factory steel slam panel and custom steel intercooler brackets replaced with aluminium parts and titanium fasteners

Vibrant Streetpower muffler

Vibrant STREETPOWER Oval Muffler with dual 3.5" Round Tips (3" inlet) added as one of three rear exhaust section options Although this...

Side exit exhaust

Option two, lightweight, high noise. Currently there are no silencers fitted to the main exhaust system, this short pipe can be fitted in...